Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 3 Fold Forming Conference with Charles Lewton-Brain

These 4 days I am spending under the tutelage and guidance of the guru of fold forming himself are seriously the best investment I have ever made in my career as a jewelry artist. I have idea's that will keep me busy for years. Not even the lunch hour is wasted; Charles uses them to give impromptu lectures. Today we had a great informational session on small scale photography. Even the "throwaway" sessions are invaluable!

As is his custom, Charles began the morning of Day 3 with a few reviews:

Charles at the Anvil
Romero Fold Ruffled and Unruffled
Forged & Milled Good Fold

Student Work by Dave Kurdyla

FYI: A list of recommended metals books:

After lunch new material was demo'd...

Boat Fold
Cross Fold
Round Line Fold

We received lots of personal attention during studio time and one-on-one help from Charles. Here's my masterpiece of the day....can you believe this was once a flat sheet of 3"x3" copper? Me neither...

YOJ Week 32 - Fold Formed Flower

Dinner with the whole group at a local Mexican Restaurant rounded out the day and I'm pleasantly exhausted....

Photo Collage by Sue Lacy

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