Saturday, December 28, 2013

Free tut alert...

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Switzerland 2013 Wrap Up - Week 2

Week 2 in Switzerland was the bonus part of the trip, as I got to spend time with family. I've met my Swiss relatives maybe a dozen times over the years, but there's something about family that instantly makes the years and the miles disappear, and it's as if we live down the block and just saw each other yesterday. My Dad's sister Piri and her husband Rudi live in Arleshiem, a picturesque little village in a valley with houses growing up the hillsides. They are amazing! They travel, socialize, and play an active role in the lives of each of their 10 grandkids, you would never guess they were 85 and 87. Must be all that fresh mountain air and healthy living. I also have 4 cousins; Rudi, Piri, Charlie and Judith who are my age and have spent time with us in the states. I really enjoy their company and only wish we did not live so far away....

On Monday, our first day together, my Aunt and Judith took me to the Vitra Museum of Design in Germany. They live fairly close to the border so it was only a 40 minute drive. As an architect in my past life, I found the design of spaces and furnishings fascinating.


On Tuesday, Charlie and his wife Fee took me to a street fair in Basel. This is a 10 day outdoor November! My hat is off to the vendors, I needed to duck into a cafe for a warming espresso after just a few hours, I can't even imagine vending for 10 days in the cold....

Wednesday I spent with Piri, exploring Liestal, having lunch, and then heading back to her place to have dinner with her delightful daughters.

The next day would have been our trip to the mountains, but the weather was not cooperating, so we decided to take a day of rest.

And Friday Charlie and Fee drove me back to Bea's place, but on the way, there was this great rock shop....

Saturday Bea, Dale, Silvanna and I had lunch at a real "Cheese Factory". I've some great meals, but this was a real treat. And of coarse, the cheese was fabulous!

After lunch, we went to Appenzel, to see the painted houses. It was such a picturesque little town, and with everyone was walking around shopping and visiting, it almost seemed like a holiday movie set.

Sunday, Dale and I both taught a class in Bea's studio, so now I am officially an international instructor. :-)

That evening Bea made us a traditional "racklette" dinner. Cheese with everything,yum!

Monday I spent with Judith and her family. In the morning we went to an old fashioned sauna and Judith convinced me to jump in the ice cold lake after. Very invigorating, but wow, was that ever cold!!! After lunch we hiked the local mountains. Switzerland is an unbelievably beautiful country!

On my last evening, Judiths husband Pedro made a traditional Spanish dinner while her boys kept us entertained.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to reconnect once again with my Swiss family, I love you all and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!!!!