Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 2 Fold Forming Conference with Charles Lewton-Brain

Can you tell I'm having fun?

Day 2 began with a review and then moved right into T-folds and their many variations including wedge T-folds, T-folds on an angle, and alternate T-folds. Here is a sample of a T-fold forged with the legs free on the left and legs pinned on the right.. If the piece was long enough it would spiral all the way around and take on a "bamboo" quality.

The next T-fold demo involved inserting items into the T, whacking it under a protective piece of rubber and voila! The poor mans rolling mill effect:

Chasing on air; a technique I've been wanting to learn.....

Last sample of the day; scored folds....

And finally, here's what I did today...

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