Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party - the Big Reveal!

Back in August, 300 plus jewelry making friends signed on for a bead soup blog hop organized by Lori Anderson. We were assigned partners with whom we exchanged beads and created an item of jewelry with said beads. Well the big reveal day has finally arrived and I can now show you my top secret project. These are the beads sent by my partner Dana Johnson Jones.....

And here's what I did.....
I like to use neck collars because they have good "bones" my previous life, I was an architect and can't seem to get away from designs that are somewhat structural. The fall-ish bead colors inspired me to create an October Wreath neck piece. Since the piece does not need a toggle, it ended up layered over the focal and wired in place. If you look closely, the other end of the toggle is used as a design element on the "wreath", along with more bead soup pieces. And finally, I wrapped some coiled wire thru it to create a "vine" effect. What do you think?

Thank you Dana and Lori, I had a blast!