Sunday, December 7, 2014

My First Large Scale Copper Flame Painting

Normally I work in a much smaller scale, as in jewelry size scale. But having discovered the organic beauty of painting with fire on copper, it seemed to cry out for a larger canvas. So here is my first attempt. I hope my sister likes it, because it's going to be her Christmas present!


  1. What an amazing piece of art, I bet your sister will love it! I really like the variations of color that you achieved.

    1. thx so much Kathleen! And I hope Liam is doing better after his emergency room visit, :-)

  2. Gosh it's amazing it looks like bubbles, such fantastic colours!

  3. This is beautiful. I can see why you needed a larger piece to develop all these colors and movement/textures. What is the size? Do you seal it with anything? I look forward to seeing more flamed copper in your work .... Maybe even a tutorial or class??


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