Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Burnt Copper...

I am loving this!!!!


  1. Is that really a sheet of copper that you've 'burnt'? It's gorgeous either way. There are some beautiful patterns and colors in these.

    1. thank you! yes, it is copper with flame patina,

  2. Where did you learn to do this? I've torched copper for a long time but never consistently got this kind of color. I'm torching PMC Copper not sheet, maybe that's the difference. They sure are beautiful!

  3. Thanks Kristi, I watched a few you tube videos and started experimenting. Its pretty fun,

  4. Could you elaborate a little on this? I have yet to see anyone get this intensity of color. On YouTube& searches& my own experiments i see all of these colors, but without the brightness. Are you using any chemicals, flux etc before or during torching? Are you doing anything after that brightens the hues? What kind of torch & fuel are you using? Are you wire brushing the crud out of it before or during? Any info you'd be kind enough to share would be greatly appreciated...I'm sure by everyone! Beautiful work!!


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