Monday, March 4, 2013

Tucson 2013 Wrap Up

I know this post is almost a month late, but it has been QUITE a month.  On Jan. 28, I closed my retail shop and on Feb 1, left for 10 days of teaching and shopping at the annual Tucson Gem Show.  Upon my return, the next 2 weeks were spent unpacking, organizing, and getting ready for the Open House, which took place last weekend (see previous post). So now finally, onto the next item on the to do list; an update from this years Tucson Gem Show.....

First I would just like to say that whoever decided to schedule the nations premiere gem show in Tucson in February is a freakin' genius!

Day 1: Here's the Cleveland I left on the morning of Feb. 1....
....and the Tucson I arrived to later that day. 

The week began at full throttle and did not let up much, but  it was so much fun I did not even notice being exhausted...

Day 2: Cuff Luv class in the morning, Birds Nest Rings in the afterrnoon, and dinner with Brenda and Kat in the evening.
Day 3: Crystal Cornucopia Class

Day 4&5: Worked the WireKnitZ booth at the To Bead True Blue Show, chatted with lot's of jewelry making friends, and even found time to head over to the Best Bead Show for the Swarovski Crystal Ambassadors book signing party.

Day 6: Shopping, then dinner with Lilian and Susan.

Day 7: Fold Forming 101, Fold Forming 102, then dinner with the Orchid Group, a group of online metal workers.

Day 8: Rosette Cuff and Bangle Class, then party at Jodi's.

Day 9: Embossed Cuffs Class in the morning, Fold Forming 101 in the afternoon, then packing up and shipping everything home.

Day 10: Up at 3 am for the 2 hour drive to Phoenix and a 7 AM flight home...remind me not to do THAT again next year... :-)


  1. Eva~ February is a WONDERFUL time to get out of town. Glad you had a great trip.

    1. Thanks Sue, won't be long now till spring get's here! :-)

  2. my wish, someday to take one of your classes.

  3. Dozen cuff-on-wrists- spectacular. And I LOVE the "reticulated" mountains!
    what fun to create such permanent beauty!
    Cathe Linton, Fold Forming affecionado.


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