Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back in the Saddle...

......I mean studio.  :-)

After the mad dash of the past few months, finally I can relax and get back to playing with metal. There are a couple of techniques I've been wanting to tackle. First; soldering with copper scraps. Years ago, I bought a pendant from a welder who made little abstract faces from his scraps. Although my piece looks nothing like a face, it has some interesting textural and dimensional qualities, no?

The second "Soldering with Scraps" was a cuff, because as you may know, I have a thing for cuffs. And yes, it really is........
The next set of experiments involves a swirly wire wrapping technique inspired by my friend Szarka Carter. I figured out a rather "creative" way to cold connect the cab and wires to the ring and voila!


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