Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bead Soup Bangle

Speaking of bead soup projects, here's a free tutorial I wrote for Consumer Crafts a while back, and it is also currently up at favecrafts....enjoy!

  • Bead Soup * (this one has tiger eye chips, pearls, copper beads, and blue seed beads)
  • (1) roll 24 ga. copper wire
  • Pre-made Cuff
  • Wire cutters
  1. Make a *bead soup by mixing miscellaneous beads ranging in size from 2 – 6 mm in colors that coordinate with copper wire.
  2. Wrap the entire cuff with 24 ga copper wire.
  3. Cut approx 2'  of 24 ga copper wire and anchor one end of the wire near the center of the cuff by wrapping it around the cuff a few times.
  4. String beads randomly, a few inches at a time and begin wrapping back and forth in a random pattern on the cuff. Take care not to let the wire pull the top and bottom of the cuff together.
  5. Keep wrapping and adding beads as desired. Add more wire when required. Stop when you are happy with the result. Enjoy!