Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Tut!!!!

This design and was originally published in the Feb/Mar 2010 issue of Step By Step Wire. The tutorial was created by me and may be used for your personal use. I respectfully request that you not copy or share it, but feel free to direct others to this link. Thank you!

Brangle = Alternative Bracelet for the Artsy Chica
By: Eva Marie Sherman

Supply List: (beads and wire should be color coordinated)
                        (1) coil memory wire 1” larger than wrist size
                        (18) 8 to 10 mm base beads
                        (36) 4 mm accent beads
                        (72) 3 mm accent beads
                        (1) spool 22 ga artistic wire
                        (2) spools 24 ga. artistic wire (different colors)
                        (2) 6 mm spring rings
                        (1) 3” 18 ga artistic wire
                        Memory wire cutter
                        Wire cutter
                        Round nose pliers
                        Coiling gizmo
                        Clamp (for gizmo)
Steel block
1.  Use a memory wire cutter to cut a coil of memory wire 1” larger than wrist size.  Make a ¼” loop at one end.
  1. String the large base beads onto the memory wire and make a ¼” loop at the other end.
  1. Using a coiling gizmo make a coil using both colors of 26 ga. wire. When creating the coil take care to keep both strands of wire parallel.             
  1. Feed the 6” coil on to the 22 ga. wire.  Don’t cut the 22 ga wire. 
  1. Wrap the free end of 22 ga wire between the 2nd and 3rd bead to anchor the coil.  Wrap the coil around every other bead and anchor the 22 ga wire between the last two beads at the opposite end. Cut the excess wire.

  1. Cut 3 ft. of 22 ga. wire. Wrap one end of the 22 ga wire between the 1st and 2nd bead to anchor it. String a comfortable amount of the 4 mm accent beads and begin winding the wire and beads around the base beads. The beads should be placed randomly. Add more beads as needed. Continue to wind wire and beads back and forth until all beads and wire are used. Anchor the end of the wire in the nearest space.

  1. Repeat Step 5 using the 3 mm accent beads. Use more wire as required.
  2. Make a final pass using only wire. Stop when you are happy with the result. This design is meant to be unstructured, random and free form.
  1. Attach a spring ring to each end of the memory wire loop. Make an S hook with the 18 ga wire and hammer it on the block to strengthen it.  Attach the clasp to the spring ring.