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Organic Metal & Wire Jewelry


  1. Dear Eva:
    I just received your book over the weekend.
    I found it interesting and informative.
    What I missed was a section to purchase supplies and resources for some of the projects if you did not include directions on how to make something. Specifically, Mermaid Tears collar and the copper brazing rod, and diamond bits for the drills.
    To me, resources are an important link in all the books I look at for ideas.
    Like you, I have been creating with copper and all wires for the past six years and think of wire as thread.
    Thank you for writing an inspiring book, Best Helena, HelenaAppletonDesings

    1. Thanks for a great suggestion Helena, I will definitely add resources as something that should be included in my next book. In the meantime, I am happy to share my sources. The neck collar base was from Fire Mountain, copper brazing rods are available on Amazon.com, and the diamond tip hollow core drill bits are from Rio Grande.


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